I was lucky! Incentivized Testnet BitCanna! I got into 50 happiest people!

I sent in the application and was looking forward to it. I learned everything about the project, realized that the guys are making a cool and popular product, great partners. So I started preparing in advance to launch my node. On June 7, we received tasks and instructions.

The instructions for installing the node are very detailed and clear. This helped me a lot, as I am one of the newbies who was lucky enough to get into the BitCanna test network. I decided to use a powerful server right away to continue supporting the node in the main network in the future.

This is of course too much, what is possible. But anyway, the more the better! The main idea of the test network is to identify errors in order to avoid unpleasant problems in an already working product!

And so I’ve already set up my validator node, and also connected my validator to prometheus analytics. It was a pleasant experience, without problems and overlaps. In some places, I messed up due to my own inattention, but the responsive team and other participants helped me fix my mistakes in our discord channel! Thank you very much!

I hope that in this project I will not only get a great experience, but also be able to help the project! Have a nice day, thank you for reading!

All details about the project can be found here: https://www.bitcanna.io/
Join us: telegram https://t.me/BitcannaGlobal ; Discord https://discord.gg/kzwJufyz

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